Recognised Qualifications

Are you choosing the Right Qualification?

How to check you are going to study a recognised qualification and not a CV enhancer or CPD course

When looking to start an online qualification it is very important for you to check a few things before you part with your hard earned money. In this article we will look at the different types of courses available. (You will notice we have not stated ‘qualifications’ as not all courses are recognised qualifications and it’s for this very reason you must be sure before starting.


What is a QCF Qualification?

A QCF Qualification means the course you are looking to start is a recognised qualification, regulated by Ofqual. The (QCF) is the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Its is a new credit transfer system which has replaced the (NQF) National Qualification Framework. It recognises qualifications and units by awarding credits found for each qualification. Each unit within a qualification has a credit value and these credits can be transferred, the system gives the learners the ability to get qualifications at their own pace. The QCF is jointly regulated by the England’s regulator Ofqual, Wales’ DCELLS and Northern Ireland’s CCEA.

Below is a chart as to how the (QCF) works



What is a CPD Course

A (CPD) Continued Professional Development course is a course that’s been created by a college in order to give additional knowledge within a certain sector and is NOT a recognised qualification. This means should anyone choose to study a CPD course and expect it to give you employment opportunities is wrong. These courses can be good to top up knowledge but ONLY when you have a recognised qualification first within that chosen field.
When looking to uptake a course you must make sure it is a recognised qualification, failure to do so could expose you to financial loss and valuable time being wasted. If you are unsure, ask the college you are looking at the right questions. Below we have listed some questions for you to be sure the course you are studying is recognised:
Are you a recognised college accredited by an awarding body?
Are the qualifications you offer recognised by Ofqual?
Is the course you offer part of the Qualifications & Credit Framework
By asking these simple questions, you will be able to ascertain as to whether the course you are looking to study is recognised or not. If it is then that’s fantastic, go for it ! If not then you would be advised to decline and find a course that is.
If you have any questions regarding your course selection, please call Kerri Farrington – The Learning College Reviews team on 01785336464