Course Checker

Have you checked the course you are going to start?

As many of you will be aware, many courses are listed on the internet everyday for people such as yourself to look through and make that all important decision as to whether the course is right for your career path or not. When we break this down you will find that approximately 60% of qualifications online are NOT recognised qualifications and as such are know as CPD or endorsed courses. (CPD) stands for Continued Professional Development and in many cases these courses will not be recognised by potential employers in any sector. Instead you will be left with spending time and money on a course that has NO benefit to you whatsoever.

You may well be thinking 'what do I do next to be sure the course is right for me'? This is where we can give you guidance as to how you can check your qualifications prior to paying for a course that has no benefit and leave you feeling like you have been a victim of a scam.

Course scams or Qualification scams are not uncommon when browsing the internet and it's for this reason as a respected and responsible college we have a dedicated department known as 'The Learning College Scam' team to protect all learners from potential financial loss.

When checking qualifications we would advise for you to carry out the following checks:

Check the awarding body associated with the college

Check the qualification is recognised via the Ofqual website. Please use the following link:

Check the college is regisered with the UK Register of Learning Providers. Please use the following link:

Check the Qualification is on the (QCF) Qualifications & Credit Framework, you can see more on the (QCF) using the following link:

Speak to the college and be sure you are comfortable with using them as your learning provider

The above will enable you to be sure that the qualification you are going to study is recognised and is not a scam, putting you out of pocket!

Should you have any further questions, please contact Kerri Farrington (Director) - The Learning College Scam Team on 01785336464